Should clavicle fractures be operated on?

Should clavicle fractures be operated on?

Clavicle fractures are extremely common and their non-surgical treatment by simple immobilization has long been the rule. This non-surgical treatment remains quasi-systematic in children and young adolescents who present with slightly displaced fractures and who, moreover, benefit from the potential

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Coxarthrosis: When to operate?

Too young for a Total Hip Replacement ? When should you consider having a Total Hip Replacement ? Intense or constant pain, significant stiffness, permanent difficulty in moving are signs of hip osteoarthritis or necrosis that lead to considering a

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Sex after total hip replacement

The number of total hip replacement (THR) is constantly increasing with currently around 150,000 prosthesis implanted each year in France. At the same time, the indications for THR have widened, which has had the effect of rejuvenating the population of

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Lésions méniscales

Do MeniScal Lesions Require Surgery?

During its congress in Rennes in December 2019, the Société Francophone d’Arthroscopie [Francophone Arthroscopy Society] published a press release alerting to the fact that the removal of the meniscus was still too commonplace in the case of meniscal damage…

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