Clinique du sport

Located in the 5th arrondissement in Paris, the Clinique du Sport, a Ramsay Health Care private National Health Service approved establishment, specialises in orthopaedic surgery, sports traumatology, and sports medicine.

The Clinique du Sport is a leading centre for the medical and surgical treatment of sports pathologies as well as prosthetic surgery.

The centre is known for the excellence of its medical and surgical teams as well as its expertise in outpatient surgery and short hospital stays.

Highly specialised medical and surgical consultations, a specialist imaging and technical platform as well as recognised expertise in functional rehabilitation guarantee patients the best treatment of musculoskeletal pathologies, whether degenerative or linked to physical activity.

The Clinique du Sport obtained level A accreditation without reservations or recommendations from the French National Authority for Health (HAS) in June 2019.

A comprehensive technical platform

  • Dedicated consultation areas
  • A capacity of 77 beds to accommodate both inpatients and outpatients
  • A theatre department with 8 operating theatres, a recovery room with 12 beds, and an anaesthetic room
  • A medical imaging department with an MRI, a CT scanner, ultrasound rooms, and x-ray rooms
  • A rehabilitation area
The Cœur-Effort-Santé (Heart-Effort-Health) Institute, incorporated within the establishment, for conducting heart function and physical tests.

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