Dr Matthieu Meyer

Hip, knee and shoulder surgery

Arthroscopy – Joint replacements – Sports surgery

For most of us, having to undergo surgery is a worrying experience and raises various questions. Being provided with quality information about an operation helps improve understanding and reduce stress.

Orthopaedic surgeon and sports traumatologist, Doctor Matthieu Meyer specialises in the treatment of hip, knee and shoulder pathologies whether related to ageing such as osteoarthritis or resulting from trauma, especially sports traumas.

An expert in minimally invasive techniques, which he uses whenever possible, Doctor Matthieu Meyer is particularly skilled in prosthetic surgery (minimally invasive anterior approach hip replacement, knee replacement, shoulder replacement) and arthroscopic surgery. The operations are carried out in clinics equipped with technical platforms dedicated to orthopaedic surgery .

Mindful of the post-operative follow-up of his patients that he carries out himself and aware of the importance of being there for his patients, Doctor Matthieu Meyer is committed to providing comprehensive, personalised treatment particularly thanks to the collaboration of specialists (functional rehabilitation physicians, sports physicians, rheumatologists, physiotherapists, sports chiropodists…).

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